Made for the GMTK : Game Jam 2019. 

Inspector Negato is a game where you have to answer questions... But you have only one answer, the same for the whole game : No.

This little game show how hard it must be to always have to say no to everything... Even more when you're an inspector.

• Game/Level design : Ednoc

• Background sprites : Chasersgaming

• Music : Ember DeerTears

Thank you for playing. 

(Plus, you have a .gb file. Work with Visual Boy Advance)

Install instructions

HTML5 - Clic on the top window (Run Game) and enjoy !

.gb file : Dowload a gameboy emulator (It's free and legal) then open the file with the emulator. Done.


Download 1 MB
Download 105 kB


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hahaha amazing!

Love the concept! Very cute.

Very fun and nice game, incredible mechanic of always saying no, there are some polish to be added but it's already awesome